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  • Yoruba Adjectives
    A short list of English adjectives and their equivalents in Yoruba
  • Yoruba Nouns
    Video presenting thematically organized vocabulary (both written and spoken forms)
  • Yoruba Phrases
    List of common phrases in Yoruba 

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The UI Main Library Film Collection

The UI Main Library offers extensive media collections in various languages. To find films, please visit the UI Main Library website and follow these steps:
1. Select "advanced search"
2. Scroll down to "Limit Search to":
3. Choose your specific language and
4. Choose "Video-all" for "format."

Language Media Center (LMC)

Current ALLNet Holdings in the Language Media Center by Language

For more language-related holdings, please also check the Language Media Center Catalog.

To borrow materials from the Language Media Center, please contact the LMC, 120 Phillips Hall.

Iowa City Public Library Catalog

The Iowa City Public Library holds materials for several less commonly taught languages. Please check the catalog by typing the name of your language.

International Writing Program (IWP) Writers

To view a biography and/or writing sample of each participant, please visit the IWP's website and find the participant via the search function.


For more information on how to become a consultant for ALLNet or if you are a UI faculty/staff member or student who wishes to study critical or less commonly taught languages (LCTLs), please contact allnet@uiowa.edu​