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Dictionaries, Encyclopedias & Digital Libraries



Reading & Writing

  • The Korean Script
    Lessons in reading, writing and pronunciation
  • Hangeul
    A brief description of Korean script by The University of Iowa
  • How to Study Korean
    Guide to the Korean script
  • Quizlet
    Online flashcards for the Korean script
  • Hangul Day
    Blog post about the history and structure of Hangul script
  • Hangul: An introduction
    Explanation of Hangul script and the relationship between writing and pronuncation (with audio files)
  • E-library
    Online library created by the Overseas Koreans Foundation

Listening & Speaking

Online Course Materials

News & Media

Social Media

Arts, Films, & Music  

Korean Courses at The University of Iowa

Tips for Learning Korean Langauge and Culture  

  • Optilingo
  • This blog curates loads of culture and language learning resources 

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