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Listening & Speaking

  • Speak Danish
    Pronunciation Guide with Danish alphabet and common words. 
  • How to Speak Danish
    YouTube Channel with basics of Danish pronunciation (vowels, vowel sounds and consonants)

Online Course Materials

  • Danish Here and Now
    Free online course for Danish for Beginners developed by the Danish Ministry for Refugee, Immigration and Integration Affairs. 
  • My Languages
    Interactive lessons in beginning Danish
  • Danish Grammar and Difficult Words
    Lessons focusing on difficult words and English words with multiple translations in Danish
  • Copenhagencast
    Podcast lessons with supplemental PDFs. Includes common social usage of words.
  • Babbel
    Beginner's and intermediate courses. Includes help with listening/speaking, and a mobile app for learning on the go.
  • Learn Danish 101
    Video series of introductory Danish lessons with special focus on listening practice. 

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