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Reserving Materials for Use in the Language Media Center

Please search the LMC catalog to locate the titles and/or catalog numbers of the video materials you wish to place on reserve for your students for the semester. Then email us your list.

Requesting New Materials

In the past, the LMC has aquired new DVDs for language faculty; however, given the expansion of streaming services available at the Main Library and the Library's commitment to purchasing new DVDs, the LMC will no longer purchase new materials. If you are a faculty member looking for a new title, please contact your consulting librarian. 

If you wish to acquire specific software for your classes to use in the Language Media Center, please consult this page on the ITS (Instructional Technology Services) site first: . The University may already offer the software, and you can find more information about it there.  If ITS does not have the software that you are interested in, please consult with us about funding as the LMC is committed to helping you aquire these resources.  

Note:  At least one month must be allowed for network installation and testing.

Complying with Copyright Law 

The Language Media Center will not duplicate copyrighted materials without written permission from the publisher. Permission is often not difficult to obtain, especially to make single back-up copies. However, it sometimes requires purchasing a site or duplicating license. If you would like assistance in doing this, please contact us. Materials not copyrighted, or materials that you own the rights to, may be copied. A limited number of copies of broadcast recordings may be made to meet the needs of teachers, as long as the rules for recording off-air are followed. Please note that making digital materials available on ICON sites may require a separate permission from the publisher, even if a previous permission was obtained for duplication purposes.