Language Lab and Instructional Technology Classrooms

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Language Laboratory Classroom

The Language Lab, located in 17 Phillips Hall, is installed with the Sanako Lab 100 digital audio system. The teacher desk is equipped with a computer, printer, audio tape deck, multi-standard VCR, and telephone. The twenty-nine student booths contain digital audio panels and headsets. The teacher desk and one student booth are ADA-compliant.

LMC Audio Classroom - PH17 Calendar

Instructional Technology Classrooms  

All Phillips Hall classrooms are equipped with a full range of video, audio, and networked computer technology so that instructors can easily enhance classroom activities with media.

Each room has a teacher presentation station controlled by a switching panel including a multi-standard VCR, a code-free DVD player, and a Windows computer (selected classrooms have a Macintosh as well). The switching panel also controls a data/video projector on the ceiling, allowing teachers to switch easily between video, audio and computer resources for their classroom activities. There are connections at the teacher station for plugging a laptop into the room audio and projection facilities and to the Internet. For assistance with equipment in the classrooms, use the phone in the classroom to call the Media Hotline at 335-1976. For other questions about classrooms, call 335-1243. These numbers are posted near the telephone in each classroom. You can also report problems by email to the Classroom Technology group.