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Reserving Facilities and Equipment

One Button Studio


The One Button Studio is a user-friendly way for creating high-quality videos. Instructors and faculty have used the studios for a range of projects, from creating instructional videos to having their students complete projects ranging from ASL homework presentations to foreign language weather reports, and even music videos.  

The studio has green screen technology that allows for users to be recorded in front of PowerPoint presentations, images, or even video. To reserve the OBS, please use the following link, OBS Reservations, or stop in 120PH to sign up on the Ipad calendar. 

After recording, you might consider editing your raw footage in one of the All-in-One studios. 

All-In-One Studios 


The All-In-One studios are equipped with video recording technology and post-production software (Adobe Suite and Camtasia). These studios offer an easy-to-use way for students to create video projects for language classes, which can be easily uploaded to ICON sites or emailed to their instructor. Contact us for ideas on how to utilize this resource for audio or video projects. 

Click on one of the links below to reserve a 30-minute slot in one of our studios. 


Audio Classroom

sanakoThe audio classroom in 17 Phillips Hall is equipped with a 29-position Sanako Lab 100 digital audio system. The teacher desk has a computer with two monitors, a CD/DVD drive and USB access for removable storage. The student booths contain digital audio panels and headsets.This facility may be reserved for classes or for data collection for research. Instructors who plan to use the Sanako Lab 100 digital audio lab must be trained in advance of their first class meeting in the lab.

Contact us to reserve a digital audio laboratory or to request training. Reservations are handled on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Click here to access the PH 17 Calendar using Google Calendars.
  • Click here for the manual.
  • Click here to access Sanako 100 training videos.


Computers in the main section of the CLCL may be reserved for occasional class activities as well. The first two weeks of the semester are usually quite busy so make your reservations early.  If you need to have other software demonstrated to your classes, please make arrangements by emailing us.